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  • This box was sent from Los Angeles to a US Army APO in Germany. It was filled with goodies from home.
    Our little granddaughter so loved the box she made into her playhouse. We put love in every box we ship. What do you do with your boxes? THE PROFESSIONALS in packing, shipping and crating anything, anywhere. has affiliates around the country that specialize in packaging, crating, and shipping items that are too heavy, oversized, and fragile for standard shipping companies. We consider many factors including weight, dimensions, fragility, value, and final destination requirements to select the best shipping method for your item(s). From complex to simple, Box Brothers can handle your packing, crating and shipping needs from start to finish!Businesses, and residential clients alike rely on Box Brothers expert packaging, crating, and shipping services. We have all the details covered and can provide quotes that include pick-up, insurance coverage, packaging, crating, shipping, and delivery with one simple phone call!

We pack and ship unusual and hard to ship items

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- No minimum weight
- We pack and ship any item to any destination - domestic, international, ocean or air
- free pick up and free on-site estimates
- We ship anything from one small item to a room or container full of furniture
- Antiques, Artwork, Electronics, Collectables, Estate Sales Estate liquidations
- We can accommodate your delivery schedule
- valuable, unusual and hard to ship items
- We can insure any shipment for loss or damages
- Quick Quotes and Online Package Tracking for your convenience
- Our packaging and service is 100% guaranteed

From a musician friend ... "I recently sold an amplifier on eBay and since I didn't have the original box, I needed to have it packaged and shipped. I knew this was going to eat into the profits of the sale but at 46 pounds the amplifier was a heavy one and I did not want anything to go wrong while in transit. With no reference on shipping an item this large and heavy I decided to go for it. It set me back about $100.00 but in the end it was well worth it. My client was supremely happy with the packing job Box Brothers did and said, "If it was a fish, I wouldn't have even smelled it, the amp was packaged so well. It was like in it's own little coffin." That's all I needed to hear...

Was the charge for the packing job expensive? I couldn't tell you, as I stated before, I had and still don't have a reference. What I do know is that the transaction and process was simple and successful and I have Box Brothers to thank for that."
We take care of our musician friends...